Liberator ARIA Chaise Review: Elevating Your Sensual Adventures from Bench to Lounger

The Liberator ARIA Convertible Chaise and Bench stands as a remarkable fusion of discreet end-of-bed bench and luxurious love chaise lounger, a testament to Liberator's innovative furniture design. While the combinable Equus Wave preceded it, the ARIA's unified one-piece construction delivers unparalleled stability and robustness.

Liberator maintains its trademark high quality in other aspects, presenting a sleek design that boasts a top hump providing a solid platform for supported doggy-style positions, well-angled anal play, or elevated oral experiences. The lower hump unfolds into a convenient knee rest for extended oral pleasure, while the deep valley encourages various straddling and reclining positions, fostering exploration into more adventurous intimate moments. The half-bolster provided serves as a versatile headrest or support for additional angles during play.

This discreet piece is ideal for those craving clandestine adventures, hiding discreetly when folded with the slipcover, serving as a discreet end-of-bed bench or a subtle addition to any room. Its refined, sensual design adds elegance to your bedroom or space, also perfect for non-sexual activities like yoga, gaming, or relaxation.

Regrettably, Liberator presently lacks a cover option for this lounger when folded, a factor that might detract from its concealability. Each Aria comes shipped with a slipcover in the selected shade, tailored to fit over the Chaise in its Bench position. However, a soft blanket can effectively transform the chaise into a bench.

Crafted from luxurious, inviting microvelvet, the ARIA's cover isn't just sumptuously soft but also easy to maintain with its machine-washable properties. Featuring a non-slip bottom, it stays securely in place, ensuring stability during even the most vigorous exploits. Like other Loungers and Chaises by Liberator, the ARIA boasts a moisture-resistant liner, contributing to its longevity and durability.

It's essential to note that the Liberator ARIA Chaise also serves as an excellent option for yoga practice. Its generous space from head to seat (28" to 9") allows for diverse stretching positions. This feature resonates with the versatility found in the Liberator Cello. Both these selections make remarkable yoga chairs, distinguishing themselves from other offerings within the Liberator brand.

Furthermore, the headrest and footrest scoops are attached to the main body of the ARIA via a stitched cover, making them non-removable once covered. Also, options such as the faux leather or two-toned Valkyrie cover, wood base and feet, and bondage cuff connectors are presently unavailable for the ARIA model. As a result, it may not be ideal for serious bondage enthusiasts, which could be considered a minor drawback at this time.