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TENGA's disposable CUP Series masturbators are a great way for newcomers to try out the incredible sensations TENGA has to offer!


One of the most commonly asked questions from customers new to TENGA products is “How do I use TENGA CUPs?” For those new to the world of male sex toys it can be difficult enough knowing how to best use the product, let alone which one is right for you.

While there are four other variants of the Standard Series, it’s best to start with the Original Vacuum CUP to best understand how to use the product.


This item is the flagship product of TENGA, the first sex toy product we produced, and the one that made the brand famous in Japan. 

The Original Vacuum CUP is the first of the TENGA CUP series that provides incredible suction and stimulation via the unique internal details. The Standard CUP Series including the Original Vacuum CUP all feature a Smooth Pad insertion system. This not only allows the user to have air-tightness and less lubricant leakage but aids in automatically applying the lubricant contained in the CUP evenly as you insert.  

We also have the U.S. (ultra size) version of the Original Vacuum CUP. While the Original is 2.72 × 2.72 × 6.10 in, the U.S. CUP is 3.2 x 3.2 x 7.1 in and features a stronger suction.

For those who want more direct stimulation, there is the SD TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP. This the smallest of the TENGA CUP Series standing at  2.7 x 2.7 x 4.7 in.  This makes it perfect for quick strokes that simulate the tip. Now let’s go through the details on how to start using your CUP.


The Original Vacuum CUP is simple and easy to use once you know how. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your sex toy.


  1. Remove shrink wrapping ( This is easily done by tearing across the dotted seam marked by OPEN)
  2. Remove cap
  3. Remove peelable sticker from top of CUP
  4. Insert and move around to stimulate - air hole can be covered for additional suction
  5. Once finished, replace cap
  6. Dispose of the CUP.

Please note, do not remove the sponge inside once the shrink wrap and cap are removed. It is there to hold the lotion in place and help to evenly distribute lotion upon insertion.

Don’t forget to remove the sticker covering the air hole at the tip of the item – this allows air to flow out of the item for smooth insertion. During use, covering this air hole after insertion will create a vacuum on the inside for an exhilarating suction sensation!


There are 4 other variations of TENGA CUP's, each of which offer a wide range of distinct sensations and experiences. Each of these sex toys offers different stimulations depending on the users preferences. Some require slightly different usage instructions which we’ll cover now. 

The TENGA Soft Case CUP has a softer case, allowing you to control the pressure directly and with more precision and can be squeezed due to the softer case. 

The TENGA Rolling Head CUP’s flexible top can be manipulated in a 360° motion and compressed slightly to provide different sensations. 

The TENGA Dual Sensation CUP has two separate entry points, one featuring strong sensations, the other offering a more gentle experience. There is no peelable sticker to be removed due to having two separate entry points, so this step can be skipped.

Finally the TENGA Air Flow CUP has a unique internal structure of air pockets that provide different sensations.

For those who want more intense sensations, we have Strong versions of all CUPs, as well as Gentle versions for those who like things softer. And to take things to the next level, there are also EXTRA Strong and EXTRA Gentle versions of the Original Vacuum CUP too!


The best way to summarize the use of the TENGA CUP is to open, use, then close and dispose! 

Firstly, open and remove the plastic seal surrounding the entry point of the CUP.

Secondly, and when appropriate, remove the peelable sticker to allow for smoother insertion and for optional suction sensations during use!

Lastly, once you’ve used and had your fun, simply dispose of the CUP. Since the CUP is designed to be self contained, there is little to no mess!

Hopefully this guide helps you to enjoy your TENGA CUP, whether it be your first experience with a sex toy or you’re just looking to try another in the TENGA range.

Grab a TENGA CUP now and see what makes it so popular!

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