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Steve Bannister, founder and CEO of BMS Enterprises, has had a long-standing history in the industry. In 1983, he opened a small retail store in Toronto, Canada, called Aren’t We Naughty. The wildly successful store sold quality adult products in a friendly and welcoming environment. In 1988, Bannister branched into wholesale, and has since taken the company a step further into manufacturing some of the best intimate accessories available in the adult market.

Since its founding, BMS Enterprises has worked with many leading brands over the years to bring well-known products to shelves from coast to coast. Representing successful Canadian business, BMS Enterprises boasts an impressive operation at its headquarters in Brampton, ON.

Additionally, BMS is known for expanding Aren’t We Naughtyto 9 stores across Ontario, as well as become a respectful manufacturer of popular adult products. With a factory situated in China, BMS has been producing high quality novelty toys for adults, which contain technology from the PowerBullet™ brand.

BMS is officially a worldwide entity that strives to enhance sexuality and pleasure around the world.

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