Collection: Lubrifiants à base de silicone

Introducing our premium collection of silicone-based lubricants, specially formulated to elevate your intimate experiences with unparalleled smoothness and long-lasting glide. Unlike water-based lubricants, which may require frequent reapplication, our silicone-based formulas offer a unique blend that provides an indulgent and velvety texture, ensuring extended enjoyment without interruption.

One of the distinctive features of silicone-based lubricants is their exceptional durability and resistance to water, making them ideal for shower play and underwater adventures. The non-absorbent nature of silicone ensures that the lubricant stays on the surface of the skin, creating a protective barrier that enhances comfort and reduces friction during intimate encounters.

However, it's essential to note that silicone-based lubricants cannot be used with silicone toys, as they may degrade the material over time. For silicone toy enthusiasts, we recommend our water-based lubricants, which are compatible with all toy materials and offer a similar level of smoothness and glide.

Explore the luxurious selection of silicone-based lubricants at Thorn & Feather, featuring the renowned Wet Platinum Formula Silicone Lubricant. Whether you're exploring solo or enjoying intimate moments with a partner, our premium silicone-based formulas promise to elevate your experience to new heights.

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