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An all-new internal coil makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke!

The TENGA SPINNER Series has attracted a global fanbase since its introduction in 2018. Since then, the SPINNER lineup has grown from its original three models. And, within this lineup, a number of firmnesses, details and diameters have been added in order to please just about anyone!

The SPINNER also won the Red Dot Award in 2019. Its unique form and functionality has gained worldwide praise.

With a larger array of SPINNERs to choose from, it can become a bit confusing to decide. Luckily, we have made this review of how to choose your SPINNER so you may find the best model suited for your pleasure.


Back in 2018, TENGA released the original three SPINNER Series: The TETRA, the HEXA and the SHELL.

Each TENGA SPINNER features an internal coil that twists upon insertion, delivering incredible sensations with every stroke. Moreover, the SPINNERs vary in three key factors: Firmness, Stimulation, and Sensation.

The popularity of the SPINNERs has grown so much that in 2020, an additional three SPINNER models were introduced to the collection: the PIXEL, the BEADS, and the BRICK, followed by special soft editions of these three.

The SPINNER Series products have a variety of different stimulations. Whether you like your SPINNER to have a good mix of Firmness and Stimulation, or need more Diameter with your sex toy, the SPINNER should definitely be a part of your self-pleasure collection.

But what do those measurements mean? Let’s take a look.


Firmness, Stimulation, and Diameter are the parameters that define the SPINNER Series, but understanding what it means to you can be confusing. Each model offers unique qualities, allowing users to select based on their preferences or mood.

First, there is Firmness. Some of the SPINNER designs offer a ‘firmer’ feel. A firmer feel can provide more stimulation, however a less firmer feel can provide a more enveloping feel around the shaft. As a comparison, the SHELL is designed with ‘fanned tiles with firm edges’ while the TETRA offers ‘geometric tiles with mild edges’. The SHELL may offer more direct stimulation, while the TETRA may feel more soft and enveloping.

Next we have Stimulation. This is one of the more evenly ranked parameters, as each of the SPINNERs offers exceptional sensations. But as we see, for example, the TETRA is designed to be a little milder. In contrast, the SHELL has a firmer elastomer with more defined edges and can provide more stimulation.

Perhaps the most potentially confusing parameter is Diameter. All of the TENGA SPINNERs have an insertion depth of approximately 17cm and an insertion width of approximately 5cm, however, the diagram may not fully convey what we mean in terms of diameter.

The bigger the diameter, the less constricting it is around the shaft. However, depending upon the firmness, the same diameter can feel different. Depending upon your style, more stimulating or more enveloping, diameter with firmness can make a bit of difference.


Now that you understand a little more about how to read the levels we give to each SPINNER, let’s introduce you to each of the SPINNERs themselves. 

The Original SPINNERs

The TETRA features geometric tiles with mild edges. On the 3-way chart system, we see the TETRA ranks as follows:
The TETRA: Firmness Lv3, Stimulation Lv3, Diameter Lv4.5

Next there is the HEXA. This one features hexagonal tiles with pointed edges to the mix. On the chart, the HEXA stacks up as follows: 
The HEXA: Firmness Lv4, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3.5

Lastly for the original SPINNERs, we have the SHELL. This one features fanned tiles with firm edges in one of the boldest overall sensations. The SHELLs are rated as follows:
The SHELL: Firmness Lv4.5, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3

As we can see, the TETRA has the most gentle sensations, and they increase in intensity from the HEXA to the SHELL, which is the firmest, tightest and has the boldest internal details of all the SPINNERs.
Overall intensity of sensations: TETRA 01 -> HEXA 02 -> SHELL 03
So how about the New SPINNERs? Let’s take a look!


First in the new lineup, the PIXEL, offers a spiral of delicate, enveloping pixel-like nodes. The New SPINNERs are also based on the same criteria. The PIXEL compares to the other SPINNERs as follows:
The PIXEL: Firmness Lv3.5, Stimulation Lv2, Diameter Lv5

Next are the BEADS. The internal details of the BEADS are made of a spiral of alternating spheres. The BEADS can be summarized as follows:
The BEADS: Firmness Lv2.5, Stimulation Lv4.5, Diameter Lv3

Last, but not least is the BRICK. The BRICK goes all out with a spiral of bold, impacting tiles that focuses on pure stimulation. It’s not surprising that the BRICK ranks like this:
The BRICK: Firmness Lv2, Stimulation Lv5, Diameter Lv2

Overall intensity of sensations (from lower to higher): PIXEL 04 -> BEADS 05 -> BRICK 06
Now that we know how all SPINNERs stack up, here’s a little "cheat sheet" to make your selection a bit easier.

Now that we know how all SPINNERs stack up, here’s a little "cheat sheet" to make your selection a bit easier.


If you don't have an idea of what you like yet, the SPINNER TETRA is a great starter item. The sensations are sure to please most SPINNER users. However, if you know that stronger stimulation is more your thing, then you may want to try out the BRICK for the stronger, firmer sensations. Or, for a gentler experience, we recommend the BEADS Soft Edition for an overall, soft stimulation.

Once you know what you’re looking for, our 3-way chart can help you find the SPINNER with the perfect sensation for you. 

So come visit our site and choose the TENGA of your choice! Besides our SPINNERs, we do have our classic TENGA CUPs, TENGA EGGs and FLIP ZERO items to choose from. There is so much to offer in styles, colors and levels of stimulation, you are sure to find something that you like!

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