Collection: Tenga Eggs Series - Super-stretchable Elastomer Sleeve

As one of the most popular disposable TENGA products globally, there is a lot of interest in the TENGA EGG series. There is also a LOT of variety to be found, from three different Packs of EGGs, to various limited items such as the EGG Lovers Edition, COOL EGG, Shine Pride Egg, and even collaborations such as the various KEITH HARING x TENGA EGG collection! They can be bought individually or as a “Variety Pack” which contain six EGGs from the same series.

When it comes to choosing your TENGA EGGs the interior details make all the difference. Each of the TENGA EGGs feature different interior designs that are made to give the user different sensations. You can get a hint at the detailing from the packaging of the EGG, with the silver patterns showing the design used for the EGG. 

The New Standard Tenga EGG Variety Pack takes the designs from the 6 Colors EGG Variety Pack and changes them up a little. Highlighting certain features and changing others to offer a completely different sensation to try. The New Standard EGG Variety Pack contains a selection of the following EGGs - WAVY II, BOXY, BRUSH, TORNADO, SPHERE, and the SILKY II.

For those looking for a stronger sensation there is also the Hard Boiled Tenga EGG Variety Pack which offers a stronger stimulation along with being packaged with a harder version of the gel LOTION compared to the other packs. These combined mean the Hard Boiled EGG Variety Pack is perfect for those looking for a firmer sensation with their EGG. The EGG Variety Pack - Hard Boiled includes THUNDER, CRATER, MISTY, CLOUDY, SHINY, and the SURFER.

The Tenga Egg Variety Pack - Wonder has the following 6 new and unique inner textures. The Wonder Egg Variety Pack includes WIND, STUD, MESH, TUBE, CURL, and RING.

The best way to summarise the use of the TENGA EGG is to open, use, then close and dispose of!
Firstly, remove the shrink wrapping and open the egg-shaped case.
Secondly, apply the lotion provided in the case to the inside of the soft EGG. Make sure to use some around the entry point for a smoother insertion.
Lastly, once you’ve used and had your fun, you can simply dispose of the EGG by encasing it back in the egg-shaped case. Once closed you can throw the product away with little to no mess!

Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose the TENGA EGG (or EGGs!) that you’re most interested in trying and on how to best enjoy your TENGA EGG. Whether it be your first experience with a masturbation egg or sleeve or if you’re just interested in the variety the TENGA EGG range has, there’s an EGG out there to satisfy you!

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