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Kick up your kink with our large selection of BDSM sex toys featuring some of the best bondage and fetish toys for impact, sensation, and role play. Check out our full line of professionally procured kinky bondage sex toys.
Put simply, impact play such as paddles, ticklers, whips & crops involves using impact for the purpose of pleasure. The sensation the nipple clamp provides will vary based on how tight the clamp is and where on the nipple/breast you place it. To maximize a sensual experience, blindfolds and masks are an incredible way, because when you restrict one sense, the others can become stronger.
From aesthetically signifying “ownership” in a BDSM dynamic to restricting movement and even breathing, there are a few types of restraint toys. If a lover’s arm holding your hands above your head can be hot, imagine how hot it would be if they could provide that sensation completely hands-free. That’s the gist of cuffs and restraints. There are also other tools of restraints people can use during sexual activity to limit someone’s mobility such as ropes, tapes and most of BDSM kits. Mouth gags, like most restraints, are all about deprivation.
Collars are part of the visual accoutrement of BDSM and are worn by a submissive. They can signal that the people bestowing and wearing the collar have started a BDSM scene. Chokers are designed to signify a Dominant/submissive relationship and to create a specific physical sensation around the neck. The locked-up nature makes chastity cock and ball devices a perfect tool for power play in BDSM relationships. They serve as a constant reminder that your cock ‘belongs’ to your Dominant. It’s the next level of ownership.
Aching for more kinky sex toys?  Discover new sensations with our tools & accessories collection such as candles and top brands Sex & Mischief, Fetish FantasySportsheets and Liberator.

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