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Tenga is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing male sex toys. Tenga products are designed with ergonomic and anatomically appropriate designs to provide men with sensational stimulation.
Tenga offers a wide variety of male sex toys in several product categories. The Tenga Cup series offers easy-to-use pleasure items with multiple functions, including suction, malleability, and multiple insertion options. The UltraSize series provides an optional size boost for those who desire it.
Tenga Eggs are some of their most popular disposable masturbators. These small but stretchable eggs come in various designs that reflect the internal details, providing men with different sensations from each. The Tenga Pocket is a disposable male masturbator stroker that combines the latest engineering advancements with quality craftsmanship to provide unprecedented sensation.
The Tenga Hole series includes several products, such as the Aero, which features innovative aero-technology that allows users to control the suction strength. The Spinner series boasts a new internal coil mechanism that twists on insertion, providing unbelievable sensations with each stroke. The Tenga Flex is a revolutionary reusable suction stroker that features a soft outer casing made using malleable materials molded into a spiral form to provide a just-right fit for all shapes and sizes.
Tenga Flip series items are the epitome of male pleasure devices, featuring intricate details and a unique flip-open structure that allows for easy cleaning. The Flip Zero series combines the latest engineering advancements with quality craftsmanship to provide unprecedented sensation, while the Flip Orb has firm and flexible orbs layered within soft elastomer for a completely new sensation.
For the best experience, Tenga recommends using Tenga Hole Lotion, which has been specifically designed to enhance the feeling of pleasure with their products. Explore Tenga's range of male sex toys today and experience pleasure like never before.
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