Collection: Tail Butt Plugs - Fox, Bunny, Wolf & More

We offer anal toys to satisfy all couples, as well as those who want to introduce anal play to their solo sex. Whether you’re a booty beginner or an advanced anal player, we have a wide variety of butt plugs, beads, prostate massagers, and kits.
Pop a butt plug in your rear end and let it rest there for a satisfying feeling of fullness. Anal beads usually start small and gradually get larger, so you can feel the intense pleasure of length and girth. Anal dildos & Probes are the next step when it comes to insertables. If your like to stimulate "male g-spot" during sex, we have prostate massagers. Many of our products feature vibrating patterns for maximum stimulation.
If you’re new to anal toys, we have a collection of small items or anal training kits. They are both perfect for beginners, complete with starter toys and lube. For those more experienced with anal play, we also offer larger size items. To guarantee you choose a anal toy that best fits your desires, we have products in soft silicone, hypoallergenic glass and metal & stainless steel . We also offer dazzling princess jeweled options for those looking for a versatile toy.
If you’re a dedicated butt sex lover and simply can’t get enough, you can find exciting new anal toys like furry tail plugsdouche & enema and so much more. You can also shop from top brands like LovenseNS NoveltiesBlushTracy's Dog and more. They're part of our huge selection of sex toys.
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