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How to Make a Butt Plug l DIY Butt Plug Guide

How to Make a Butt Plug l DIY Butt Plug Guide

Your interest in the articles on our website got you pumped up. One problem though, you've just ordered a plug, but you've got to wait for it to be delivered. There must be something around here that can get you off?

You might be wondering how to make a butt plug while you're waiting for your plug to arrive. This is a more complicated topic to cover. You definitely can, but it's not without its risks.

You should always buy a professionally made plug from a reputable vendor. If you MUST have something inside you right now, though, there are a few options and a whole lot of stories online. Obviously, we aren't medical professionals, so always use your own common sense if you must do this, but we'll offer any advice we can. You must use any of the DIY anal plugs mentioned below at your own risk.

In this article, we'll teach you how to make your own butt plug in the comfort of your home!

How to Make a Homemade Butt Plug?

There are two main categories of DIY butt plugs that you can make at home. These are non-durable and durable DIY butt plugs. Non-durable homemade butt plugs can be made from zucchinis, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers. Please note that such plugs can spoil quickly and thus can be considered "one-off" plugs. In contrast, durable DIY butt plugs can be made from wood or clay, and these will generally have a longer lifespan.

It goes without saying that it's important to pick an item that will fit all your desired pleasure points. Some people may prefer a curvy butt plug, while others will go for a straight one. The key is to find what works best for you, and for that, you need to experiment by exploring your backdoor pleasure points.

Is it Safe to Use Homemade Butt Plugs?

When considering a DIY butt plug, consider why you would want one in the first place. You should carefully consider the household items you will use if you're really ready for butt play and can't wait to go shopping. It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the object's material contain pores that may trap bacteria within the anus?
  • Could the material be too absorbent, like cotton tampons, trap bacteria, and cause infection?
  • Does the object fit well into the anus without breaking or tearing?
  • Do you really need a household item, or could you get a sex toy from the store?

DIY anal plugs should only be used on rare occasions, and most importantly, the items you use must be safe for you.

Choosing something as smooth and comfortable as possible while also being shaped to make it difficult for the toy to disappear inside you is the easiest and most effective way to keep yourself safe with your homemade butt plug. As far as anal play is concerned, the first three to four inches usually provide the most security, so a circular shape of about 8 inches long is ideal. The handle could be curved, or the base could be flared to accommodate your rear. As far as DIY anal plug solutions are concerned, this is definitely the most important tip. No matter how it's built, you should always be certain that it won't go deeper than you want it to.

condom for butt plug

It should be also mentioned that using condoms for homemade butt plugs is the easiest way to ensure the safety.

If this is the kind of toy you're looking to explore, make sure you always have lube on hand, as the rectum does not create its own lubrication after being stimulated. Water-based lube is an excellent place to start, especially for silicone toys, but note that it's not effective for water-based play (shower sex, etc.) because it will simply go down the drain. Whether you're using a butt plug by yourself or with a partner, lube is also important because it makes for smooth sailing in that oh-so-delicate region, vital for keeping its fine skin from unnecessary damage.

Best Homemade Butt Plug Ideas

Handcrafted butt plugs may be helpful for anal training, especially among beginners. Self-made butt plugs may be the most suitable sex toys to stretch out the anus as a precursor to painless and enjoyable ass sex. While at home, you have the freedom to choose any size anal plug to train slowly and avoid injuries.

Below, we've compiled a list of the best options for making your own homemade butt plug - check them out and see if you like our homemade butt plug ideas. And most importantly, please experiment carefully!


banana butt plug

In case you did not know, there are many fruits and veggies that look like penises. Bananas, cucumbers, and courgettes can all be used as butt plugs. Will they hold up, though? When you use fruits or veggies in your delicate areas, you have to take care not to use them if they are overripe or squishy. By inserting them directly into your rectum, you put a lot of pressure on them. Sphincters are among the bodies' best muscular tissues. Our aim is to prevent you from making a mess inside due to a fruit or veggie "break."

It is also possible to use a well-formed and also strong cucumber. If you are about to begin, always use an antiseptic. It's hard to tell exactly how clean your vegetables are, particularly since they have been treated with pesticides and chemicals. Your rectal lining absorbs a lot of information much faster than your gastrointestinal system. It is essential to take care of the skin, which is extremely easy to do with prophylactic. The last thing you want is insect repellent to get into your bloodstream.


Toothbrush butt plug

To be more specific, electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes have been used as butt plugs by many individuals. How could resonances go wrong? Due to the design, these toothbrushes can also act as homemade butt plugs. However, the toothbrush base is usually flat instead of conical. So, it will be a bit challenging to put that end of your toothbrush into the hole.

Moreover, the sharp sides of the instrument may cause damage to the cellular lining of your rectum. This will certainly result in a toothbrush covered in blood as well as unpleasant bacteria. That's why, once again, it is crucial to use a prophylactic. Likewise, make certain that the brush you wish to utilize to clean your teeth is thoroughly clean before you begin using it. All in all, we don't recommend using a toothbrush as a butt plug, given all the dangers and bacteria it can introduce to your rectum (as well as your mouth).

Wax, Glass, or Clay DIY Butt Plug

It helps if you have a ceramic wheel or a glass blowing center available to you. This will also allow you to make your very improvised butt plug. If you are an expert and know what you are doing, you will be successful. You can create an at-home butt plug that will hit all the right spots. You can use clay to create the plug.

However, you should also keep in mind that it is a permeable product, so it can take in microorganisms from the rectum and preserve them even after you have cleansed it. Clay is especially harsh, so you should use a prophylactic when using a butt plug made from this material.

Meanwhile, glassblowing is one of the most secure ways to make your own butt plug. Your glass can be made into an excellent butt plug if you are 100% certain it will not be damaged. You can shape it however you want. Glass plugs can also be steamed to remove bacteria. In addition, they are very easy to place in and also smooth. Therefore, we believe that this type of homemade butt plug is the only one that is safe to use without the need for a prophylactic.

Wrap Up!

Keeping yourself safe should be your top priority. Generally speaking, people will experiment with anal play at home more than they are going to go out and buy a Tracy's Dog butt plug. However, as long as you follow the right principles, you can safely enjoy a homemade butt plug.

There will be an adjustment period where you get the hang of anal play, no matter how poorly or well made your butt plug may be. Anal play is much more nuanced in how stimulation and pleasure are delivered, but the rewards are worth the effort once you've mastered it.

We suggest you use a butt plug from the manufacturers because they know how to do their job. We especially found the best anal butt plug for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users at a very reasonable price.

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