How to Use We-Vibe Bond Guide: 5 Ways to Spice Things Up

With sleek design and an innovative concept, the new We-Vibe Bond is the ultimate toy for teasing and excitement – there’s a reason it’s known as the smartwatch for the penis! This wearable stimulation ring takes penis play to the next level and, more importantly, lets you take the show on the road without anyone catching on. So what are our 5 favorite ways to enjoy this next-gen wonder? Join us to find out how to use We-Vibe Bond in our guide full of spicy ideas on how you can enjoy your toy too…

#1. Carnal Commute

What’s the one part of your day that could be soo much more interesting with just the tiny addition of the We-Vibe Bond? Your commute. Imagine your partner waiting at home ready to play and they can get you in the mood too with some timely teasing. With the help of the app, they can even control Bond from afar and get you ready to go as soon as the front door closes behind you. Who said you had to be in the same room for some good foreplay?

#2. Nightmoves

Ever had one of those incredible wet dreams where it almost felt too good to be true? Kick things up a notch with We-Vibe Bond. Granted, this one does involve some partner play, so whether your partner is close by or on another continent, they can control Bond while you doze and ensure your dreams are as sweet as they can possibly be! And don’t worry about anything getting stuck, Bond features a quick-release clasp and adjustable design, so it’s safe and comfortable for all sizes and sexy scenarios

#3. Double Trouble

Good things come in pairs, right? So why not make all things equal and engage in some teasing play for two? For partners with a clitoris, grab We-Vibe Moxie. It’s a wearable panty vibrator and the perfect companion for We-Vibe Bond. Share controls via We-Connect and now you can both take your time stimulating and playing with your partner. For a lot of us, so much of the fun of sex is actually in the anticipation, so building that tension is a must with the help of We-Vibe Bond and We-Vibe Moxie.

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#4. Sensual Shopping

You know the vibe, shoulders hunched forward with forearms resting on the trolley handle while you scan the shelves for those last few things on your list. Or what about standing in line at the post office for what seems to be an eternity? All of these chores can be livened up a little with a random injection of excitement. And luckily We-Vibe Bond is discreet and quiet enough that no one would be any the wiser around you – now you can transform any ordinary moment extraordinary So what are you waiting for? Make grocery shopping great again!

#5. Groovin’ to a New Beat

With pulsing lights and floor-shaking bass, clubs are already an intense atmosphere for the senses. So why not add to the mix with a little extra excitement? Whether you’re flying solo or playing with a partner, clubs are the perfect spot for a little teasing before heading home. There’s so much going on around you and the convenience of the app controls both ensure that you can be moving to a more intense, deeper vibe and it’ll be your little secret.

Feeling Inspired on How to Use We-Vibe Bond?

Whether you’ve got your toy in hand or it’s on the way, now’s the time to start planning your next adventure with We-Vibe Bond. We hope this We-Vibe Bond guide has been helpful and don’t worry, the compact size and discreet design ensure it will slot into place (pun intended) without too much thought. Leave the logistics to us and just cover the ideas and atmosphere!

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