The Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

At Liberator, our mission is about inspiring greatness in every bedroom using our best-selling core piece of sex furniture—the Wedge. With that being said, the Liberator sex wedge position guide is designed for walking couples the simple ways of gaining intimate contact and lasting longer in bed. The subtle slope and firmness of the Wedge provides incredible support and lift to your sexual positions by deepening the angle of penetration. The precise angle also helps heighten sensations by accessing the G-spot. With our Liberator sex wedge position guide, you will also learn more about prolonging your oral sessions without causing a stiff neck.

The Liberator sex wedge positions guide illustrates the benefits that are packed into this powerhouse positioner. We understand it may be challenging in knowing where to start! That’s why we put together this sex position guide in the hopes of kickstarting your erotic creative juices.

 Liberator Sex Wedge Position GuideTopsy Turvy


The Liberator sex wedge position guide starts you off easy. Simply slip this positioning Shape beneath the lower back and push the pelvis upward. Men love this position because it promotes more sensation at the tip of the penis. Women love it too because the angle helps promote sensitive pressure against the G-spot. In addition, this sex wedge can be used on memory foam mattresses for increased traction and control.

 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

The Rodeo

Executing the cowgirl is not the easiest sexual position. Using the Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide, you and your lover will be able to score huge amounts of pleasure. Propping the Liberator sex wedge under his knees adds more height and elevation and lets the top perform much better. The sex wedge also lets him push upward, this enhancing penetration and G-spot stimulation.


 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

Evolved Oral

With the Liberator sex wedge position guide, you and your lover will enjoy a myriad of prolonged oral sex sessions. The benefits of using a sex wedge during oral are better access, stable support, and no more sore necks. No matter who is enjoying the oral feast, the Liberator sex wedge is designed to hold onto your weight while providing lift and elevation.

 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

Standing Ovation

It’s a position extravaganza! The Liberator sex wedge position guide also includes less traditional moves such as off-the-bed sex. The Wedge comes in handy for providing the right amount of lift and keeping your bodies perfectly aligned. You can use the Wedge anywhere — off the edge of a mattress, table, chair or couch. You’re basically converting your home decor into a temporary piece of sex furniture. We love the sex position because you can reach in between her legs for added clitoral stimulation.

 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

The Gentleman

We love catering to all types of sexual enthusiasts. The Liberator sex wedge position guide would not be complete without the Black Label Wedge. It has a kinky twist and incorporates reinforced cuff connectors for attaching your favorite restraints. This kinky position keeps you lover securely in place while you take advantage of their pleasure-giving abilities. Amp up your sex play and upgrade your original label Shape to the Black Label Wedge.


 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

The Wheelbarrow

When crafted the Liberator sex wedge positions guide, we had to come up with ways of performing from-behind positions comfortably. Almost like a modified doggy, this standing sex position offers more thrusting power while keeping your bodies well connected. This position is especially good for couples with sore backs. Just prop the wedge at the edge of your bed and relax your upper torso. You lover can manuever your hips and legs while penetrating from behind.

 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

Crazy Town

Doggy is not always the most comfortable sex position. It’s hard to hold your body up when someone is pounding you from behind. The Liberator sex wedge position guide offers you an alternative for lasting longer in bed. Pop the Wedge on it’s side and lay over the tapered end. This position helps facilitate a rocking motion and is more gentle on the knees and joints. Add a kinky twist and attach your lover to the Black Label version.

 Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide


Midnight Watch

Curious bondage beginners can also reap the benefits of the Liberator sex wedge position guide. You don’t have to be a hardcore fanatic to enjoy the elements of bondage. Great for playful restraint the Black Label Wedge keeps your lover from moving around too much while your thrusting inside. Pushing their legs up toward their chest often adds a tighter feeling around the penis and is great for anal sex too.

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