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While there are a ton of anal pleasure myths to be debunked, one thing’s for certain, our lack of knowledge and the mystery surrounding it is part of its appeal. 

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Why Anal Stimulation?

The anus is a natural erogenous zone due to its high concentration of nerve endings, similar to that of the clitoris or penis. It turns out it’s not all hype or porn-created ideals afterall. The anus is incredibly sensitive to pressure and touch which can magnify sensations considerably, especially when coupled with other forms of stimulation. 

recent orgasm survey by LELO found that behind clitoral stimulation alone, multiple stimulation (either clitoral and vaginal or clitoral and anal) accounts for 27% of orgasms. That’s not to say that anal stimulation is limited to those with vulvas. While prostate massaging has been around since the beginning of time, it’s just recently made its way into the spotlight. So, regardless of your anatomy, anal play is worth a shot, even if it affects vulvas and penises in different pleasurable ways.

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are sex toys which consist of a string of beads that are inserted into the anus and pulled out to stimulate the surrounding nerve endings. Unlike butt plugs, anal beads provide stimulation through the movement of insertion and removal. 

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How Do LELO Beads Noir Work Exactly?

When you’re choosing your first set of anal beads, quality is the way to go. Of course, the anus can take a pounding (literally), but any sex toys we’re inserting into our bodies should be made of 100% body-safe. The LELO Beads Noir are not only incredibly sexy accessories for heightened pleasure, they’re also made from ABS silicone with a sturdy string. The semi-transparent blackness also makes them especially convenient for backdoor play. 

Not only are LELO Beads Noir great for anal pleasure, they also double as Ben Wa Balls, meaning they can be used as Kegel exercisers or vaginal foreplay as well! The basic technology behind all LELO beads comes from the kinetic energy created from an inner ball rolling around the outer casing. Basically, it sends off a vibration that engages your vagina or anus depending on what stimulation you’re after. 


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