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Suction sex toy? Get to know the new OG air and its benefits

Anyone who has read suction sex toy news may have heard of clitoral stimulation. Normally this is something that would be considered something new, actually a phenomenon that has been surging up in recent years with the "clitoris suckers" vibrators.

This method of releasing air by pulsating the clitoris attracts blood flow and causes a sensation similar to that of a conventional vibrator. Instead of just creating vibrations, it sucks your clitoris and moves in and out of your vagina, mimicking the sensation of oral sex. These air-pressure suction vibrators are typically referred to as "clitoris suction". It is a way to "mimic" the feeling of clitoral stimulation, maybe not the actual feeling. But it does create a sensation similar to the sensation of oral sex, but with a much higher level of stimulation.

If you use a higher tense mode which are available in your proposal, you will feel the strongest suction from the clitoris and your clitoris will harden and you will feel that it is starting to swell, which should feel nice and tingling, but also really exciting. However you choose to enjoy it, a multi-speed sex toy will help to ensure that this super-sensitive area gets the attention it needs.

Before you buy this vibrator, make sure you google “Tracy’s dog clitoral vibrator” and look at all the reviews and see how all the bloggers/editors are talking about this Amazing Toy.

Tracy's Dog New Pro 2 Clitori Sucking Vibrator With Remote Control Function  Purple And Pink Optional Female Vibrator Sex Toy|Sex Sucking Toys| -  AliExpress

OG original version is a portable mini clitoris vibrator that can be placed in a travel bag or handbag for quick and easy access, and an intense suction sex toy that can stimulate the g-spot and clitoris. It can be used for solo games, but also as foreplay with a partner, making the woman aroused and ready for sexual intercourse.

What is new with the OG Air? Well actually the OG Air looks identical to its last version the OG clitoris suction vibrator. While the old version use a vibrating parts to generate the air pressure, the new version applies an electronic pumping unit which will enhance the experience according to our users. Also, the new version comes with a remote device so you can have the ultimate hand - free experience. 

Many men love to be with their partner when they enjoy a new sex toy, and the guys also enjoy the vibrations. I have even heard women say that the toy works so well and so fast to bring them to orgasm that they sometimes start following their favorite vibrator to keep the pleasure session longer. I have found from my own experience that the air pulsation of this toy brings me to orgasm much faster than with any of the vibrators.

Whether you use the vibrator alone or in conjunction with your partner, many women experience some of the best orgasms of their lives. I think that a suction sex toy like OG air would be really great for people who need more stimulation to reach orgasm faster or who want to reach orgasm faster.

Remember that, like everything else, you have to pay for yourself when you buy a clitoris suction toy. So if you have your first sex toy and are looking for the next big thing to add to your sexual repertoire, this next generation clitoris sucker will be the one you will definitely be more than happy with.  

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