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Explore the Pjur Lubricant Collection - Premium Solutions for Every Desire

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant Experience the best with Pjur Original, our flagship silicone-based lubricant. Renowned for its long-lasting performance and silky smooth texture, this lubricant offers a frictionless experience that is perfect for both intimate encounters and full-body massages. Hypoallergenic and free from additives, Pjur Original is the go-to choice for those seeking a premium, durable lubricant.

Pjur Aqua Water-Based Lubricant Discover the gentle and hydrating Pjur Aqua. This water-based formula provides moisturizing comfort and is ideal for daily use. Compatible with all skin types and safe for use with latex condoms and all toy materials, Pjur Aqua enhances sensations with its nourishing and non-sticky texture, ensuring a natural, pleasurable feel.

Pjur Back Door Anal Silicone Lubricant Specifically designed for anal play, Pjur Back Door is a silicone-based lubricant with a thicker consistency to provide extra cushioning. Infused with jojoba extracts for their relaxing properties, this lubricant eases comfort, making it perfect for both beginners and experts looking to enhance their anal experience.

Pjur Med Repair Glide Specially formulated for sensitive skin, Pjur Med Repair Glide is a water-based lubricant with regenerative hyaluronan. It provides intensive hydration and long-lasting lubrication, helping to protect and restore dry and stressed skin. Ideal for those with sensitive skin seeking a soothing and therapeutic lubricant.

Pjur Woman Vegan Water-Based Lubricant Tailored for women, this vegan formula is gentle and safe, made entirely from vegan ingredients and without animal testing. Pjur Woman Vegan provides a soft, moisture-rich experience that enhances comfort and intimacy with the assurance of ethical manufacturing.

Each Pjur product is designed with the highest quality standards in Germany and is dermatologically tested to ensure safety and satisfaction. Embrace the luxury of Pjur and transform your intimate moments into unforgettable experiences.

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